Thursday, March 22, 2012

IUI#1 - the days of Follistim

Like I said last post, Follistim stole my brain. I can't remember anything. I also feel like I'm in a fog, slower than everything around moving through pudding.

Here's the breakdown:
shot's taken at 9pm, 50ml a day
CD3- didn't think to take it out of the fridge and let it warm up...spent the evening with a tingly pain in my lower tummy thanks to cold meds. AF was on mega flow...totally sucked!
CD4- felt ok all day, a bit tired, but not bad. Another bad AF day.
CD5- St. Patty's Day/Family Pi party!!! ate my weight in pie...don't regret it at was YUMMY! Had a headache all day, but it was manageable. AF was almost gone by then, like she just went "ok enough, I'm out". SUPER tired after my shot. 11pm hit and I was begging to go to sleep. Now this is NOT me, usually AJ is the one who wants to go to sleep and I'm calling him an old man.
CD6- We ran a million places on Sunday, I was so freekin tired and had a bad headache.
CD7- First day back to classes from spring break, that 9:30 class was hard to get to. I was verrrrry forgetful, had to take an hr trip back home for my usb for class... had a bad headache and was very tired all day.
CD8- Ultrasound #2, two good follies, one 12 and one 14. Was instructed to do two more nights of Follistim and then trigger this morning. Felt ok all day...may have been due to the 2 coffees. Also got my new Mac!!! (new love of my life/baby)
CD9- Yesterday was bad, had a project due so I had to go to school, bad headache, stomach ache, nausea and I had the jitters really bad. I made myself eat a cheese burger just to take Metformin at lunch and forced some rice down to take it again at dinner.  Last Follistim shot for the cycle, went to bed early...slept like a baby.
CD10- Today I'm a bit better than yesterday, still feel like poo.  Took trigger this morning at 9:30.

CD11- IUI#1

I'm trying hard not to get my hopes up...
realllly hard, but I keep finding myself looking at cute maternity cloths and baby stuff.


  1. Good luck with your IUI tomorrow! I know how hard it is to not get your hopes up. For me I let myself daydream for a little bit each day if I wanted and then put it out of my head till the next day. Keeping everything crossed for you!

    1. Thanks dear! that's a great idea...something like 30min internet time devoted to baby junk.


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