Friday, February 25, 2011

HSG: A.K.A painful test from HELL

My ute hate me.
Want to know how I know???
I made it go through an HSG...
I know what you are thinking, Kat it takes like 5min to do that thing, and yes it causes cramping, but how is this causing the ute to hate you?
Well when your cervix doesn't want to cooperate with the whole procedure, and it takes a whopping 30+ min to do a 5min makes your ute angry.
It really makes it reallllllllllllly angry when the radiologist has to resort to jamming a needle into it 4 times then grab it with a clamp and pull it on out there to then jam a long tube up there, but oh wait that's not all...add in a balloon and some dye and you get yourself a big old angry ute.

so i made myself a mimosa and a bag of rolos (ya know...breakfast of champions!)  and I'm in my most comfy yoga pants and tshirt, and best of all....Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Good news though, I have no blockages! BUT the uterus does tip to the left, a lot.  But that can be little to no problem, or it could be the reason it's taken so long. Guess we'll find out when Dr. Girlfriend calls.


  1. I vote for healthy shiny new fertile uteruses for everyone!

    Hope the cramping goes away.

  2. I just shuddered at this post, because I remember my HSG last summer. It took as long as yours and they had to actually hold me down on the table because it hurt so bad I tried to sit up and rip everything out of me.

    Glad to hear everything is clear, and it's interesting you tilt to the left. Have you thought about tilting your hips to the left during ovulation?

    I only ask because a girl found out her uterus tilted back instead of forward so she laid on her stomach with her hips up and got pregnant the next month. Could be something weird like that that fixes it. =)


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