Monday, March 14, 2011

I love Pie.
To celebrate Pi day my family had a pie party yesterday.
This was just a fraction of the pies...I think we counted around 30 then more people showed up with more pie. It was FABULOUS. 
I made a chocolate turtle pudding pie.
I think I'm going to be full for days, I had waaaay tooo much pie.
But you really have to ask yourself, how much is too much when talking about pie?
The answer is never, never too much pie.
 Favorites of the day were: Ms. Lovit's Minced Meat, apple (can't beat a classic), cherry almond, and my cousin made one up that consisted of pie crust and corn pudding with pistachios crumbled on was to die for.

 no I'm not in this picture, and no I didn't take it.
I may have, however, tried to leave with that little baby you see (top middle of picture, he's in blue stripes), but he's family so I really couldn't have gotten very far.

the diet starts today, wish me luck.
I have to be swimsuit ready by May.
Vegas/California here I come!

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