Tuesday, March 15, 2011

feeling clueless.

This isn't about the movie, but I have to say I do love it.
This is about me feeling all sorts of un-knowledged.

I just feel clueless when it comes to this whole ball of infertility.
I feel like I know nothing.
I feel like I need to know why more than I do.

I mean I know how to chart, I should I've been doing it for a good year now. But checking my cervical position has been lost on me...I can never tell, so I gave up.
I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, it gave me the knowledge on charting and that's about it.

Everytime I read another blog I find something new I know nothing about...most of them have acronyms I've never seen before.

I'm going through this and I feel like a blind person walking in a museum.

How am I supposed to go out and find information if I don't know what I'm looking for?

I've expressed this to Dr. Girlfriend, and have gotten nowhere with it. (she's a great Dr., but she's not the best on giving out information.)
I like her as my Dr. so I don't want to change to another, but I need more knowledge of what's happening with my body.
A while ago (about 4 months) AF just changed, went from (what I would call normal) 4-5 days of bright red/med-heavy flow that began and ended with maybe a day of spotting to spotting for a day then a day or 2 of light red flow followed by 3-4 days of brown.
At my last annual, the nurse asked if everything was ok, and I told her about the AF change...her reply was "well maybe this is your new normal". Dr. Girlfriend said it shouldn't be a problem in my getting pregnant.

I just feel like "maybe this is your new normal" was a crap answer. I don't think someone's body makes a change like that and it's normal/ok. And Google has not been a big help.

I guess what I'm rambling on about is that I just feel like I should know way more than I do, it seems like everyone else does.

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  1. Nah mate, we are all in the same boat *hugs*

    Doesn't it suck though that normal fertile couples have no idea about charting, cervical mucus changes, cervix positions etc and we are all "experts" about ours.

    Can you ask your Dr to give you more information? Take a note pad with you, with questions you've thought of before your appointment and make sure she answers them.



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