Friday, December 31, 2010

Ring it in

Happy New Years Eve!

At midnight tonight I will be sitting in my yoga pants and tank-top (maybe a sweater) on the couch in between my husband and a man who calls himself my gay husband.
Last year I was sitting in Chicago with friends (same husband and gay husband) in a private hotel party in a party dress...where we spent the night making fun and taking pictures of the horridly dressed people.

This year my dinner will hopefully be some soup in a sourdough bread bowl or Chinese. For I am fighting a frighting head cold.
Last year the 6 of us ate steak, gourmet mac and cheese (oh man that was good) and other really goooooood food.

Last year we made resoution lists for others at the table.
This year I will make my own, but it will contain some of the same. I'll share it tomorrow.

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