Wednesday, December 15, 2010

just keep swimming

I think I'm ovulating....and when I say think I mean that I got a +opk yesterday and today my ovaries feel like they are trying to claw their way out. 
I slept with an Instead cup filled with what my husband calls "swimmies" shoved up my whooo haaa all night last night. I currently have one there right now.
It's what my husband has nicknamed the "hit um hard" method.
All I can think is "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"
man I love that movie.


  1. I have the instead cups and I keep meaning to use them when I ovulate but haven't yet. Hope this is it for you! :)

    And as far as ovary pain/feeling, I only feel my right ovary, never my left.

  2. This was the first month we used them over night, and when I got up in the morning I could feel where it something pushing on my tailbone!
    I always feel it on the right and not the left, but this last month it was all over pain. Like they were fighting each other to get out first! haha


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