Sunday, January 30, 2011

Invasion of the Mommies...

We were invited over to a friends house last night.
We thought it was just going to be Dude and his new/old girlfriend.(they dated before and are now dating again)
We get there and there are not one but 3 other cars in the driveway.
AJ goes "oh I think that's C's car" (C being the one from the Christmas card baby announcement) and all I can think is ohhh here we go again.
Low and behold not only the new baby on the way family there, but another family. This other family has 3 kids...lets call them the fertile family.
Well the old/new girlfriend also has a kid...and it didn't take but an hour for her to ask me when we were going to have kids. I quietly and quickly explained that we have been working on it for a little over a year and that we were now going through all the testing process. And God love her she replied with "well I'll be praying hard for you".
I almost started crying, because someone who doesn't even know me had said something so nice and sweet. She offered to help us the only way she knew how, and then she looks at me and smiles and tells me she knows we will be amazing parents.  I wanted to hug her. I'm so glad she's back in our lives.
Now let's talk about little Mrs. Fertile. Sitting there with little #3 on her lap as #1&#2 run around with the other family's #1.
I felt like I was the ugly duck and black sheep all warped up in one.
I don't even want to talk about how tiny and cute these chicks are...even the pregnant one in her puffy vest was ittly bitty and cute. And there I sit 200+lbs and covered in zits...(thanks for the zits hormones!)

The kicker to the whole evening was when AJ jokingly asked the Dad in the fertile family if there were anymore babies in there (while pointing at his junk). Him and his wife laughed and then stated that they were going to keep at it until they get a girl (the 3 they have are boys). And here comes the good part...they start talking about how easy it was to get pregnant....
Then Mrs. Fertile goes "oh it took a long time to get pregnant with #2, it took us what honey? 3 months?"
Someone shoot me, or pinch me...I must be dreaming. Did she just say 3 months in reference to a long period of time?
Excuse me while I run and smack her, take her baby and run away yelling "mine mine mine"

At least I did get some gratification.
The pregnant chick kept talking about how she was badly craving a martini and some sushi...I gladly told everyone about the amazing martini I had at diner that tasted just like I bit into a juicy pear, and how I had a sushi date for Monday...
Sometimes it the little things in life that make me happy...

On the drive home AJ (almost in tears) told me how one of the little ones came up to him when we got there and just looked up and smiled. All that he could think was how awesome it would be to have that be our kid looking at him like that.
That conversation about killed me. But at the same time I felt relieved because now AJ has a gimps of what I feel every time we are around people with kids.

Wow this was wordy! I swear I'm going to start rewarding people when the read all the shit I type!
Since I typed a book today I'll wait to tell you guys the whole HSG fiasco.

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