Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You like me...You realllly like me

I can't believe my little blog has won an award!
The fantastic Beckie over at Beckie's Infertility Journey decided I was worthy and a Versatile Blogger...I on the other hand just needed an outlet for all the crap and pain that goes along with infertility.
I want to thank Beckie, for the award and so much more. She was one of the first blogs I found and followed.

Here's how this award works.

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Make sure you contact these bloggers to let them know about the award

So 7 things about me....
1. I love rain. Way more than sunshine. I always wanted to live in Seattle, because I wanted to live where the rain was not to mention the grunge.(man I miss the 90's)
2. I'm a crier. A good commercial, movie and even tv shows....last night it was Heavy.
3. Speaking of movies...I love love love movies. I will watch almost anything, just don't give me anything scary. I don't do scary.
4. I hate talking in front of a group, when I get assigned a speech in class I get a mini panic attack. When I give a speech my mouth dries up and I talk realllllllllllly fast.
5. I love to take pictures. I could probably turn it into a professional job, but don't want to loose the love I have for it by charging money.
6. I do however love yarn, and I'm on my way to turning that hobby into a profit. Anyone need a photo prop or baby gift?!?!?!
7. I hate cats. Doesn't help that I'm allergic...I'm a dog person. My pup is my first child. AJ even has a shirt that states "Dogs are the new kids".

Ok so now I'm supposed to give this to 15 bloggers....but the thing is most of the ones I follow already have the award.
So I'm giving it to all the ones I follow that don't have it already!

1. Tillie at a nuttier life
2. PCOS Chick at His & Hers Infertility (just like the matching towels) Go tell her congrats, they just go good news!
3. Cortney at Inconceivable!
4. Sass at Life of the Bees
5. Lori at Love, Life and Infertility
6. Em at The Chapman Nest
7. Marla at The Chronicles of Marla
8. Kelly at The Empty Nest
9. The Hudack Family

Hey I got 9 that's not bad for a new blogger! Now go check these fabulous girls out and give some love!


  1. Awwww! Thanks, girl! Oh, and #4: DITTO! Worst fear ever!

  2. Thank you so so very much for the award! My 2nd one in two days. I'm on a roll. ;)

    #2 I am right there with you. I become MUCH more of a crier when I decied I was ready to start TTC! Crazy, huh?

    #6 I'm not a knitter but I do sew. Check out my sewing page on FB: Ivey Sew & Design

  3. www.theempty-nest.blogspot.com

  4. Hello!!

    Thanks honey!


    Looking forward to following your journey through TTC. It's a hard sucky one, but you are not alone.



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