Monday, April 11, 2011

It's been a long week...

Family was in state from far away and for 5 nights I spent the entire evening and most of the day with a 3month old nicely placed in the crook of my arm. Sadly it took until last night for my 2 year old nephew to completely warm up to AJ and I...I wish we could have more time with them.
I'm going through baby arm withdraw. I need to find someone with a baby I can hold....or keep.
Today it's back to reality
And to top off this crazy week..I have a sinus infection!
I woke up with a fever. My ears are so plugged up i can't hear a freaking thing. My lip is split because I'm sleeping with my mouth open, and best of all my sinus' are so packed that I feel like my head is going to snap off and roll away.
In short, I'm sleepy, warn out, sick and I have so so sooo much to do.

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