Monday, February 28, 2011

I'll take the pancakes please.

In Jr High we had the talk, ya know the one where the put all the girls in one room and the boys in another? 
They sat all us girls down in front of a tv and popped in a video....great skill on their part by the way!

No you may be wondering how pancakes tie into all this, well you'll get it soon.

So this video is about girls on a camping a back yard. Low and behold on of the girls starts her period. The mom takes over and tries to explain the whole thing to the girls the next morning. 
With pancakes.
She sits them all down and they watch her make pancakes while she explains how a woman's body works. 
When she's done the pancakes look like a happy perfect uterus.

I didn't eat pancakes for years after that. I was scarred. French toast it was for me. (and I'm sure about 90% of the rest of the girls in my class and I'm positive that if you asked any one of us we could still give you a play by play of that prove my point I would like you all to know that the tent was blue.)

Why you ask am I bringing up the pancake video that refuses to ever leave my memory? After the HSG on Friday I keep thinking about those their perfect form. No tilting to the left. 
I bet those pancakes would have cute little silver dollar pancakes by now (please tell me you know what I'm talking about? Silver dollar=baby pancakes) hey you never know they could have cute little blueberry and strawberry silver dollar twins. 
Anyways I'm getting off topic here.
 My point is that I'm ready for the pancakes now (don't worry I can eat the pancakes now, no permanent damage I guess). The perfect pancakes that don't tilt way left and to the back, the one shaped like a perfect uterus that holds perfect little pancakes.

OK now I have to have pancakes for dinner.

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