Sunday, June 26, 2011


It's amazing what one little conversation with another infertile will do to you.
It has set my booty on fire.
It made me realize that Dr Girlfriend is nice, but in no way is she motivated to get me knocked up.
Her Dr. is upping her meds after just a month of trying, mine wants me to wait 6.  Now I'm not saying that meds should be upped after just one month...but waiting 6 is a really long time.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk to my Dr about being more aggressive in this TTC battle, and if she doesn't feel the same way I'm going to find another Dr.
I think I'm also going to call and talk to other OBGYNs in town as well as the acupuncturist in town and see how they handle infertility.

From now on I'm going to be aggressive. I turn 30 this year and damit I WILL be pregnant for my birthday.

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